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Assisting an industrial group in optimising energy efficiency of its industrial chain

Asia / 2019

CLIENT: An industrial group present across entire PV production chain, from polysilicon purification to module assembly.

3 main challenges / mission / action:

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for various industrial processes: polysilicon, ingots, bricks, wafers, cells, and modules
  • Comprehensive support for client up to ECS (Simplified Carbon Evaluation) certification

Resources harnessed by Solstyce:

  • 2 expert engineers

Challenges/ mission / action:

  • A total of 8 LCA were performed for this industrial giant, enabling it to achieve ambitious carbon footprint targets
  • Audit of every production unit site
  • Analysis broken down by technology (polysilicon, modules)
  • Comprehensive support for client up to obtention of ECS (Simplified Carbon Evaluation) certification, required for CRE tenders in France
  • Survey completed in less than three months, and fully approved by ADEME for rapid growth on French market