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Comprehensive support with carbon footprint reduction, from LCA to total optimisation of cell and module production lines

North America / 2017

CLIENT: Manufacturer of PV cells and modules

3 main challenges / mission / action:

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of module assembly process
  • Consulting services for new cell production line
  • Operational support for industrial performance initiatives to optimise production costs and carbon footprint

Resources harnessed by Solstyce:

  • 2 expert engineers

Challenges / mission / action:

  • Training workshops, consulting and support for growth in European market
  • Pre-installation carbon footprint reduction for cell production line, based on comparative analysis and help selecting machines 
  • Life Cycle Assessment of module assembly plant including industrial audit
  • Identification of ways to optimise module production and estimate of potential savings (€k and CO2)
  • Prioritising industrial performance initiatives and operational support implementing